The NRDC Greening Advisor™ for The Recording Academy's Regional Offices


Welcome to, a one-stop resource and guide to help The Recording Academy ensure that environmentally intelligent decisions are part of its daily business practices.

All businesses impact the environment. The goal of this resource is to help us make environmentally informed business decisions which will lessen that impact while still maintaining the standards and business interests of The Academy. By producing less waste, consuming less paper and energy, and using resources more efficiently, The Academy can cut costs while enhancing the sustainability of its operations and improving the environment for ourselves and our neighbors.

This process will not be completed overnight. The steps set forth in this guide are neither mandated nor exhaustive. Rather, this guide offers suggestions to get started in the right direction and to help produce visible results.

Begin by searching a topic, such as "paper" or "recycling," in the search field, or browse the categories in the tabs across the top of the page.

While much of the information provided applies to all Chapters, each Chapter section does contain some unique links for information and services in the respective local area. We welcome your input and questions to make this site as effective as possible. Please send queries to

We hope this guide will be a useful tool as The Academy continues its ongoing process toward sustainable practices.

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